A200 : Acer Iconia Tab (Ipad Killer)

Acer Iconia Tab A 200, The Ipad Killer-Ipad from Apple is the most popular tablet pc in the world, that's way there are many IT producer that want to lead the develop of Apple Ipad, one of them is Asus. Asus has the Ipad killer product that is Acer Iconia Tab A 200.

A200 Acer Iconia Tab has a powerful specification as Ipad has. And of course the main benefit or advantage of it products is in price, Acer Iconia Tab is the cheap ipad, compare with the same product for example from Samsung or others, "the Ipad" from Acer is lead in the front. This is the video of Acer Iconia Tab A 200, The Ipad Killer

New Asus Projector P1 Portable LED

Asus Projector P1 Portable LED is the first projector from Asus. It uses the latest Texas Instruments DLP portable projection technology, with 200-lumen, 1280x800 output, but no HDMI input, only VGA or composite inputs, because it's designed to be a portable projector to be used for business traveling. It will become more sufficient if it support HDMI input with the adaptor for it by default.

From design, Asus Projector P1 Portable is very useful to the mobile peopel. Because it is very easy to brought, with 14,6 ounces only, you will not realize you brought a projector in your bag. And it has a 5.1 x 4.9 x 1.3 inches in measure. I know what you think, it's become one of the small projector same just like Product from Sony, W200.

The performance of Asus Projector P1 Portable LED is very nice, as i said before, it build with 200 lumen and have output in 1280x800 of resolution. It very fast to connect with other stuff like PC or laptop. As shown below.

Laptop Comparison Chart

The best laptop is shown in Laptop Comparison Chart. Many common user or professional user did the comparison between two laptop or notebook. It can become good advertising for the best laptop, which is shown by the result in a chart of laptop comparison.

This comparison result can become bad advertising that have by a product if the result of laptop comparison is shown it's week. But it doesn't really matter because people don't see a product just from the comparison. There many aspect of someone to buy some product, such as fanaticism or branded product, or something like that.

Laptop Comparison Chart
Comparison actually need many aspect for it's acceptable condition of the product, because not every body can give non bias judgement between two products, maybe because paid by the producer, or maybe because the compare-man-behind has an impressive of the products.

Willy-nilly, laptop comparison chart become such a guide for professional use to choose what the best laptop they need. Watch this video of comparison Notebook.

The performance of the best laptop is shown by the Longest Battery Life Laptop, the more long it life, the best it is. Many laptop, Note book, or Netbook even Rolltop is nothing if it not have a long life battery. For Example is laptop product from Asus that bring green technology so it can make life battery longer, so did Acer, Toshiba, Sony, and many best product from laptop producer.
I have asking to all my friend who ask me to bought for the a laptop, what the first asked from them is the best battery, because it is nothing if you have a laptop, or notebook, or netbook, or maybe rolltop (in future), but the battery is just for one hour, it is nothing. What their ask is The Longest Battery Life Laptop, how about you?

Laptop Battery not Charging
What will you do If you have Laptop but the Laptop Battery not Charging? For someone it will be just throw the battery to garbage, or may bee for some geek, he will make this battery life again. believe it or not? there are so many geeks who can make not charging laptop battery life again. Maybe it useless for the have, but for the not have, the way some geeks do is so important.
How they can make laptop battery not charging life again? Watch this video on how to use not charging battery become life laptop battery.

Sony Digital Wrist-Worn Techcessories

Sony always come with futuristic idea and digital technology, and now sony come with Sony Digital Wrist-Worn Techcessories. This product like New Concept Wrist Mobile Phone can use in your wrist like watch.

Watch this video of Sony Digital Wrist-Worn Techcessories. The Next Sony Digital technology.

New Concept Wrist Mobile Phone!

Imagination of Human is never ending, and human always create something, and now is New Concept Wrist Mobile Phone! Not like usual Wrist Mobile Phone, it totally different with other wrist mobile Phone.

Look at this video for knowing the differences between New Concept Wrist Mobile Phone with another wrist mobile phone!

My Tab : The Best Cheap Android Tablet?

If you ask to me is My Tab The Best Cheap Android Tablet? I wanna answer that My Tab is maybe the Best Cheap android Tablet, because there are many table that better or cheaper like Vizio tablet. Or you maybe know the other one. But My Tab can called The Best Cheap Android Tablet.

Because the Budget end of the Android Tablet marketplace is hotting up with some fierce competition, one of the newest to enter the ring is the "My Tab", built by ZTE, branded by Optus and churning along with a 600Mhz CPU and Android2.1 available with pre-paid date plans, it's a contender for the best value android tablet on the cheap end of the spectrum, so lets put it through the review gauntlet and see how it shakes down.

Specifications of ZTE My Tab;
  • Operating System: Android 2.1
  • Network: 3G Band 900/1900/2100; 2G Band 850/900/1800/1900
  • Data: HSDPA: 7.2Mbps, HSUPA: 5.76Mbps
  • Display: 7" TFT-LCD WVGA (800x480)
  • Camera: 3MP CMOS
  • WiFi: 802.11b/g
  • Memory: 512MB ROM+512MB RAM (+ 2GB MicroSD card)
  • Size: 192x110x12.6mm
  • Weight: 403g
  • Battery: 3400mAh
  • Other: FM Radio, GPS Receiver, G-Sensor, Compass, Bluetooth 2.1
The My Tab gives you the ultimate freedom to stay connected with friends on-the-go. With WiFi and 3G connectivity, you can surf the net, play games and watch videos on its quality 7" resistive touch screen. Powered by Android™, you'll gain access to the thousands of apps that Google's Marketplace has to offer, and its sleek design and lightweight frame mean you'll want to take it with you wherever you go. Over All, is My Tab The Best Cheap Android Tablet? The Answer is yours!

Laptop Computers: Contradiction Meanings?
Laptop computers is words to describe computer thin known just laptop. Actually, there is no differences between Computer or PC or Desktop and laptop from one side, but another side, both of them is different. For laptop is the development of PC in this time.
For information, computer nowadays is very different with computer in past, the computer in past time is very huge, it's like a house. But now, we all know that computer has become small and small and now it become laptop.
So, laptop computers for this condition above is contradiction meanings? Yes it is.


Did you ever heard about the tv hack? If not, it just like to said connect laptop to tube TV. Is it possible? yes it is. What you have to do is Quite simple actualy.
You will need a VGA to Composite converter (a box) and your laptop should have a VGA hook up and S video. You will still need to tap off for audio, the computer should have a port for external speakers/headset/mic.
Many computer box stores sell it, so don't wait to buy it on computer store.
The thing you need to know is that VGA is video only, so you will need to get a cable that has a 1/8" stereo plug on one end to plug into your sound card and 2 RCA plugs on the other that plugs into your TV (red and white) audio inputs. Happy try, good luck!
New Vaio F Series Laptop

New Vaio F series equipped with Intel® Core™ i7 quad core processors, Genuine Windows® 7 Ultimate available, 16" 3D and 16.4" 2D displays, NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, and also Preloaded with Imagination Studio™ Multimedia Editionl.
Get HD entertainment that goes wherever you do, all wrapped up in a high-octane laptop that was born to perform. Boasting an optional 16.4" Full HD 1080p widescreen display, you can view your movies in crystal-clear high def, plus juggle multiple web pages and photos with ease. Or choose an available 16" 3D-enabled model to get immersed in amazing 3D Blu-ray Disc™ movies, or convert 2D video into 3D with the push of a button—then enjoy it all with the included 3D glasses.

It's video abotu Google Chrome OS Laptop. About 2 Years ago, Google announced it was working on an operating system for netbooks called Chrome OS. And that at a press event at the Googleplex, the company demonstrated the OS in public for the first time and provided more details about its plans. 

Nothing Google had to say came as a great revelation -- it largely confirmed and expounded upon the goals laid out in the initial blog post on the project. Google's Chrome OS will emphasize speed, simplicity, and security; it'll store everything in the cloud; it'll come preinstalled on netbooks. And it's an open-source product with a Linux heart beating deep inside.
Toshiba Lebretto BW100

When a single screen is simply not enough, there's the libretto® W100 ultraportable concept PC. This special-edition PC goes beyond slates and tablets to deliver something more: a full Windows® 7 experience to be enjoyed across two touch screens. 
So now you can enjoy many different things—games, ebooks, movies, music, TV and so on—from a single handheld device. Small but multi-talented, it puts your mobile life in the palm of your hands, offering easy multi-touch navigation and virtual keyboards that let you type, click and browse the way you want. Featuring a durable 1.5-pound clamshell design on the outside, and the horsepower of the Intel® Pentium® processor on the inside, it's not only easy to travel with, it's well-powered. 
That gives you the freedom to fully relish media most anywhere; enjoy seamless emailing and all the apps you can't live without; easily share, stream and synchronize content with your home network or cloud; plus chat live and use cordless accessories through wireless versatility. Embodying our quarter-century of innovation, the libretto® W100 concept PC proves that with Toshiba 25 years of boundless mobility innovation is now well within reach.
D-Roll Laptop
After I write about Rolltop, now its time for D-roll. D-roll is a next generation concept laptop design which is way distinctive from usual laptops in both shape and function, it rather same with Rolltop, but different.
The long tube shape of this laptop, which was inspired from the storage tubes that artists are using for storing large drawings, eliminates perception of the traditional book looking laptops, it can call laptop tube. This many functional laptop has two working modes.
When it is operating in full function mode, the laptop is unfolded completely and all peripherals are turned on. The main display is turned off and a smaller screen, attached with main body is turned on allowing the users to check and send mails when D-roll is under email mode. Video Camera is a helpful add-on for capturing pictures or videos and Locking System can provide certain security to the laptop.

ITRI created an ultra thin 2TB USB, they are Taiwan’s government sponsored innovation lab whose sole purpose is to help Taiwanese companies innovate, and since Taiwan is the home of hardware, it stands to reason they’d have some cool gadgets laying around. At Display Taiwan we saw a sensor that could turn any TV into touch screen and we also saw some static epaper. If you’re keen to check out a bunch of their innovation’s we actually went down to their exhibition hall down in Hsinchu, Taiwan to take a look at their paper thin speaker.

ITRI has been working with Transcend to produce this high capacity ultra slim USB and there is no work from either party when we’ll be seeing these devices arrive on our store shelves.
Cheapest Android Tablet in The World

UNION HRD Minister of India, Kapil Sibal, finally announced and launched the $ 35 “Aakash” tablet. Commercial version of this tablet will be called Datawind UbiSlate. The device is being currently manufactured by UK-based company DataWind and is going to be distributed to students for a price of approx US $ 35. Alternatively if you are a non-student buyer you will be able to buy the tablet off from shelves for US $ 60.
This 7 inch Aakash UbiSlate runs on Android 2.2 OS (Froyo) and features a 366 MHz Connexant processor, 7-inch resistive touchscreen display, 800 x 480 pixels screen resolution and 256 MB RAM. Akash Ubislate also comes with 2 GB internal flash memory, memory expansion of up to 32GB, Wi-Fi ,3.5 mm audio jack and USB 2.0 port. Commercial version of Aakash UbiSlate will also have GPRS connectivity. For future product it provided camera and call.
Asus ROG G74

ASUS G74 Gaming Series Notebook. It have great performance with Core i7 CPU and GPU GTX 560m. Equipped by thermal hybrid system with two smart fans, give best cooling to user. With gaming keyboard, a wider keyboard help enjoy the game. ASUS G74 get award from red dot award for design of highly functional design and screening, and innovative method of cooling to keep the contact areas cool even after hours of intense play.
Future Laptop Design

This is the future design of laptop roller. I'am sure you will never think laptop design like this. But this is the future, more complicated, more stylish, and more modern. It called Rolltop, not Laptop again. The Very innovation product ever and it's already produced. Not long again, we'll find Rolltop beat Laptop. Enjoy it!